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How to Become a Whole New You

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Are you fed up of looking rundown and having people walking all over you, just follow these easy steps and create a whole new you from scratch.


  1. Decide what style you are going for, it can be anything, or you can just be unique.
  2. Go shopping, the start to whole new you, is a whole new wardrobe, make sure your clothes fit in with the style you are going for.
  3. Get a new haircut and colour. Maybe go for a tousled curly look or a straight look, or if you've got Afro-Caribbean texture, try texturing your hair or braiding it. If you are blonde, try and go for the copper ginger look.
  4. Write down ideas for what type of person you would like to be, maybe you'd like to go for a mysterious and an alluring type, or a seriously wild and wacky character, it's up to you.
  5. Get into shape, eat healthy, exercise regularly and tone up.
  6. Put it into practice, go to a place that you know your friends from school or work will be there and put your whole new you into practice, see if they recognise you.
  7. Be CONFIDENT! Or at least act confident, you want people to think you're fitting into the new role perfectly.


  • Don't let people drag you back to your old ways, they might be jealous so if you like your new style, don't change it.
  • Try this at a holiday or a weekend so you can come back refreshed for a complete new week for a complete new you
  • Don't mention it to anyone. Let them figure it out themselves.


  • Be confident, not cocky - some people might get annoyed if you come on too strong
  • Don't completely change your personality, some people might like you for your wit or your humor.
  • Maybe try it out for a bit, You may not like it and want to change back.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Accessories
  • Money - for your shopping of course
  • A hairstyle in mind
  • Confidence!!!
  • A place to go to, to put your ideas into practice
  • A gym

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Be Beautiful and Be Confident

This past few months I've been workaholic I study hard to the point that I realize I look older than before its like that I look uglier (oh that's embarrassing). So i look some tips to how to look beautiful naturally and feel younger. hope it would help you guys. 

 1Remember that you are beautiful
This may sound cliché, but think for a minute,
 do you know anyone that is really really ugly? 
Believe me, you don't. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. 

 2Be yourself, again it sounds cliché, but it's true. There's no way you're going to be happy and confident if you don't show others the wonderful person you really are.

 3To be beautiful on the outside, you have to start with the inside. What if you were a supermodel but unpleasant to everyone? There's no point in wanting to be beautiful and confident if you're rude to people. The next steps will help you with that.

 4Say hello to everyone you know. Even if you don't know them very well, just say hello, everyone likes that and they will also say hello to you. If the person is rude to you and doesn't answer, don't care. You did your part, you were nice to them, if he/she was mean to you, it's he/she who's lost. Even if you're shy, make a little effort to do this everyday, people will see you as a nice person and this will improve your confidence. 

5 Smile. Who would you ask for help, a nice and smiling person or a angry one? Smiling makes people prettier, attractive and approachable. When you're walking alone listen to a song that makes you happy, you will want a bit. When you say "Hi!" or you're talking to someone show you're biggest and nicest smile, even if you wear braces. 

 6Talk to people. Try to talk with the people you know alone. Everyone is different, so it's very funny to start knowing them individually. Ask them about their hobbies, of what music they like, about their family, etc. And listen more than what you talk. If you see that someone is sad, try to cheer them up! You can try to ask what's going on, but if is too personal, he/she might not want to tell you. Anyway, try to cheer him up and let him know that you're there if he/she needs anything.

 7Go out with your friends Besides having fun and hanging with your friends, you may know new people. 

8Take care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthy food, etc. The next point will help you with this.

 9Exercise. Do a sport that you like. This way, you'll keep in shape, meet new people and develop a new interest. 

Take care of your hair. Wash it with a shampoo and a conditioner than suit your hair type and colour. Wear your hair in different way: natural, ponytail, with hair accessories, etc.

 11Take care of your hands. Moisturize your hands and they'll be soft. Do your nails every 2 weeks: cut them and paint them with nail polish. In the summer, wear all types of colours: red, blue, white, green; who cares? 

 12Wear clothes and accessories you like. Try to choose clothes that look nice on you. Also use some accessories, but don't use too much. 

 13Clear up your face! Try to get rid of all your acne, and make your skin look beautiful. If your skin is beautiful, you'll feel beautiful. 

 14Eat healthier! Start eating fruits and vegetables, they'll make you feel better, slim down your body, plus they'll give you energy! 

 15Drink more water! Drinking water flushes the toxins out of your body and clears up your skin. Plus it keeps you hydrated! 

 16Be yourself! This is the most important! If you feel beautiful on the inside, you will look beautiful too!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look

A fresh face is always in style. If you're easing yourself into makeup or would simply like to try something new, the 'natural look' will be perfect for you. Of course, even the natural look takes a little bit of time and practice. Scroll down to Step 1 to get started!

Part 1 of 3: Applying Makeup to Your Face
Clean your face of any previous makeup. Put makeup remover or water on a cotton ball. Dab or rub the cotton ball in small circles to remove old makeup. Determine your skin type and cleanse, tone and moisturize with suitable products twice daily. If you have skin problems like spots/blackheads, exfoliate your skin.
Moisturize your face. Using a small dab the size of a pea, gently rub in an unscented, oil free lotion. Scented lotions can aggravate your skin and cause breakouts or an allergic reaction, and oily lotions will encourage acne.
  • For a more natural look, instead of using foundation, use a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers blend in while evening out your skin tone and commonly contain SPF. Those lucky girls with clearer skin will look best using tinted moisturizer.
Apply concealer to any blemishes and around your eyes. Applying your concealer before foundation helps keep foundation to a minimal amount. Make sure this is the exact same color as your skin. When you apply the concealer, do so directly on the spot and not around it. This is to avoid a halo effect and emphasis of the spot. Optionally set with beige powder.[1]
  • Be careful not to overdo it on the concealer; you only need enough to cover the spot.
  • 4
    Apply a powder foundation on the oilier parts of your face. Before you start, it’s best to determine whether or not you’re using the right foundation color. Get in a natural light and test the foundation to make sure it's the right color for your skin. Dab a few marks on your cheek and angle your face different ways to see if the color matches.
    • Take your finger or a sponge dab in the foundation, and dab it on your face, blending it until it looks like your skin tone. Be sure to go underneath your jaw line; if you stop at the edge of your face, there will be a clear line where the foundation ends, making it look like you’re wearing a mask.
    • If you have bags or discoloration under your eyes, make 3 dots on the line of the circles under your eyes. Blend it gently using your ring finger.
    • 5
      Apply Bronzer. Some people wait until after they have applied makeup to their eyes to add bronzer or blush. Bronzer is a great way to give yourself a natural glow. Lightly brush bronzer all over your face (or just along your cheekbones and T-Zone for a natural suntan appearance). However, bronzer can look silly on people with pale skin if applied incorrectly. Practice at home with bronzer to see if it looks good on you before going out with it on. If you don't like the way it looks, skip this step.
    • 6
      Apply Blush. If you were not happy with bronzer, you can apply blush instead. Creme blush generally works better than powder because it gives you a dewy look and lasts longer. Using a champagne-tinted creme blush, rub a little on your ring finger and blend onto your cheekbones. Note that you should not apply both blush and bronzer; choose one.

  • Relax. Constantly checking a mirror, and fussing over your face can ruin a day. Smile, and have lots of confidence.
  • Try to go for a similar color with blush and lipstick. It will bring out your natural features.
  • Apply makeup in the light you will be in; for example, apply your makeup with a lot of light if you are going out on a sunny day, or if you are going clubbing use dimmer lights.
  • Don't over do the makeup! Remember that makeup is meant to enhance your natural features, not to cover them up.
  • Using natural makeup is healthier for your skin and can reduce blemishes. In fact, mineral foundation doesn't clog your pores and is actually good for your skin, so you may want to invest in a good brand.
  • Get a trusted friend to tell you if you've gone overboard with the make-up.
-from wiki how -Apply-Makeup-for-a-Natural-Loo